David Roe has contributed to these Knowls: $X_{\pm 1}(N)$, $p$-adic field, $p$-group, A-group, Abstract group name, Acknowledgements for abstract groups, Almost simple group, Ambient group, Ambient group label, Analytic conductor of a classical newform, Analytic order of Sha (numerical value), Associate of an element, Associated inertia, Atkin-Lehner involution $w_Q$, Autjugacy class, Autjugate subgroups, Bad prime, Bad reduction of an elliptic curve at a prime, Belyi map label, Buckets for statistics, CM form, Canonical defining polynomial for number fields, Canonical model, Chief series of a group, Coefficient field for newforms, Coefficient ring, Commutator length, Complement, Complete group, Completeness and extent of abstract group data, Completeness of Classical Modular Form Data, Completeness of data on isogeny classes of abelian varieties over finite fields, Completeness of the modular curve database, Complex irreducible representation, Congruent number curves, Conjugacy class, Conjugacy class, Data for a Galois orbit of Dirichlet characters, Data for a dirichlet character, Decomposition into newforms, Decomposition into newforms, Decomposition into newforms for Gamma1(N), Dedekind domain, Degree of a local field extension, Description of completeness, Dihedral group, Dimension, Dimensions of Atkin-Lehner subspaces, Direct product of groups, Discriminant of polynomial, Divisions of a group, Dual cuspform, Dual of an L-function, Elementary group, Elusive group, Embedded model, Endomorphism field, Factorization of the group order, Faithful representation, Find an L-function by label, Find an abstract group, Further extent of the data on isogeny classes of abelian varieties over finite fields, Galois group, Galois invariants of a local field, Gassmann equivalence, Generators of a group, Generators of permutation group, Geometrically simple, Guidelines for writing annotations, Hasse-Weil conjecture, Hodge vector of a hypergeometric motive, Holomorphic Eisenstein series of level 1, How to cite the LMFDB, Hyperelementary group, Image of mod p Galois Representation of Jacobian of genus 2 curve, Image of mod-$\ell$ Galois representation, Include all spaces, Index of a modular map, Indices of inseparability, Inner twist count, Inner twist group, Inner twist multiplicity, Interdependencies of group properties, Interdependencies of subgroup properties, Irreducible element, Isoclinism, Isogeny class data, Isomorphism between Weierstrass models, Isomorphism classes within an isogeny class, Jacobian of a curve, Jump set, Knowl Edit Guidelines, Known points, L-function of a classical modular form, L-function spectral parameters , Label of L-function, Label of a group, Label of a subgroup $\GL_2(\widehat\mathbb Z)$, Management board, Maximal ideal, Maximal quotient of a group, Metabelian group, Metacyclic group, Minimal normal subgroup, Minus space, Monomial group, Möbius function of subgroup lattice, Nontrivial inner twist, Number fields contributed by Noam Elkies, Number of Jacobians, Number of hyperelliptic Jacobians, Oldspace decomposition for Gamma1(N), Oldspace decomposition for newform space, Over-subgroup, Paramodular newform, Perfect groups, Permutation degree, Permutation representation, Plane model, Plus space, Precision of classical modular form eigenvalues, Presentation of a finite group, Primary decomposition of abelian group, Principal ideal domain, Projective image of a subgroup, Proper subgroup, Proportions for statistics, Quasisimple group, Quotient label, Ramification polygon, Ramification polygon, Rank, Rational character, Rational character table of a group, Reliability of Weil polynomial data, Reliability of the Classical Modular Form Data, Renaming a knowl, Residual polynomials, Root analytic conductor, Root angle of L-function, Root angle of L-function, Schur multiplier, Search, Select search columns, Self twist field, Semidirect product of groups, Semistable elliptic curve, Semistable elliptic curve, Socle of a group, Sort order, Sort order for groups, Source of abstract group data, Source of abstract group data, Source of global number field data, Source of isogeny classes of abelian varieties over finite fields, Source of transitive group data, Spectral label, Split and non-split extension of groups, Splitting field, Stem extension, Stem group, Sturm bound for $\Gamma_1(N)$, Subgroup label, Subgroup labels, Supersolvable group, Totals for statistics, Trace bound, Triangle group, Twist of an abelian variety, Type of a complex group representation, Type of groups , Under-subgroup, Unique factorization domain, Unit in a ring, Weyl group, Z-group, test