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The database contains basic information (basic properties, Galois orbit, field of values) for all Dirichlet characters of modulus less than $10^{20}$, with more detailed information available for those of modulus less than $10^5$.

L-functions are available for all characters of modulus up to 2800 (and some of higher modulus).

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  By conductor:   1—20   21—40   41—60   61—80   81—100

  By order:   1—20   21—40   41—60   61—80   81—100

  A random Dirichlet character from the database

Find a specific Dirichlet character or Dirichlet character group by label, modulus, or orbit label

e.g. 13.2 for the Dirichlet character \(\displaystyle\chi_{13}(2,·)\), or 13 for the group of characters modulo 13, or 13.f for characters in that Galois orbit.

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