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Annotations are text that is included at the top or bottom of an object's homepage. They are functionally similar to knowls, but are not required to be context-free; aside from that, the editing guidelines for knowls apply also to annotations.

In addition, please observe the following conventions.

  • Top annotations should be one sentence, with no headings, preferably short enough to fit on one line. A typical top annotation will identify common nomenclature for an object ("This integral lattice is the Leech lattice.") or a distinguishing characteristic ("This is the elliptic curve of smallest conductor of rank 3."). When available, include an external reference (e.g., a Wikipedia page).
  • Bottom annotations can be of arbitrary length, and may include subheadings. A typical bottom annotation will provide freeform discussion of important mathematical properties of a given object (e.g. "This is an example of an object with property XYZ.").
  • Do not include anything in an annotation that could be put in a knowl instead (e.g., definitions of terms). Instead, create a separate knowl and link to it. If the definition falls outside the scope of LMFDB (e.g., bitcoin), use an external link to Wikipedia or some other source.
  • Use the \cite command to cite relevant literature.
  • It is not necessary to fill in the description field for an annotation. When in doubt, leave it blank.
  • Do not link directly to annotations, but instead to the underlying LMFDB objects.
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