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The coefficient field of a modular form is the subfield of $\C$ generated by the coefficients $a_n$ of its $q$-expansion $\sum a_nq^n$. The space of cusp forms $S_k^\mathrm{new}(N,\chi)$ has a basis of modular forms that are simultaneous eigenforms for all Hecke operators and with algebraic Fourier coefficients. For such eigenforms the coefficient field will be a number field, and Galois conjugate eigenforms will share the same coefficient field. Moreover, if $m$ is the smallest positive integer such that the values of the character $\chi$ are contained in the cyclotomic field $\Q(\zeta_m)$, the coefficient field will contain $\Q(\zeta_m)$ For eigenforms, the coefficient field is also known as the Hecke field.

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