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Label Name Order Parity Solvable Subfields Low Degree Siblings
5T1 $C_5$ $5$ $1$
5T2 $D_{5}$ $10$ $1$ 10T2
5T3 $F_5$ $20$ $-1$ 10T4, 20T5
5T4 $A_5$ $60$ $1$ 6T12, 10T7, 12T33, 15T5, 20T15, 30T9
5T5 $S_5$ $120$ $-1$ 6T14, 10T12, 10T13, 12T74, 15T10, 20T30, 20T32, 20T35, 24T202, 30T22, 30T25, 30T27, 40T62
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Results are complete for degrees $\leq 23$.