Jennifer Paulhus has contributed to these Knowls: A group acting on a compact Riemann Surface, Acknowledgements for abstract groups, Acknowledgments for curves of higher genus with automorphism group data, Braid Equivalence, Branch Points, Completeness and extent of abstract group data, Cyclic trigonal curve, Dimension of a family of curves, Elementary group, Extent of data for families of higher genus curves with automorphisms, Fuchsian group, Generating Vector, Geometric endomorphism algebra, Geometrically simple, Group algebra decomposition of Jacobian varieties , Interdependencies of group properties, Label of a group, Labeling convention for families of higher genus curves, Labels for the small group database in GAP and Magma, Monodromy Group, Normal series of a group, Order statistics of a group, Outer automorphism group, Quotient genus, Refined passport, Reliability of abstract groups data, Reliability of the higher genus curves with automorphisms data, Semidirect product of groups, Shimura variety, Signature of a group action on a curve, Source of abstract group data, Source of the higher genus curves with automorphisms data, Split and non-split extension of groups, Topological Equivalence