Welcome to the LMFDB, the database of L-functions, modular forms, and related objects. Our goal is to describe this data in ways that faithfully exhibit the connections between these objects and prompt further exploration and discovery. We note the following features.

Knowls: Interspersed throughout the LMFDB are underlined words. These words represent knowls, which are bits of context free information. A knowl is identified by a word or phrase underlined with a dotted line. Clicking on a knowl brings up a box of text containing information about the object. Clicking on the knowl a second time will retract the box of text.


Properties: On the upper right hand side of a homepage for an object there is often a box containing specific properties of the object. This box can be closed and opened by clicking on the vertical arrow.

Related Objects: Often below the properties box in the upper right hand side of a homepage for an object is a box containing links to the homepages of directly related objects.

Downloading: You may download available data, for example moment polynomials of the zeta function. Some data is available to download within a page, while other data may be obtained through a link in the navigation bar.

Feedback: If you encounter any issues or problems while using the LMFDB, please click on Feedback in the upper right hand corner of the header to file a report.