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The LMFDB is made possible by a number of grants.
  • Awarded to the American Institute of Mathematics by the US National Science Foundation:
    • FRG: L-functions and modular forms, NSF grant DMS:0757627 (2008-2012)
    • CDI: Bibliographic Knowledge Network, NSF grant DMS:0835851 (2008-2011)
  • Awarded to the Universities of Warwick and Bristol, a Programme Grant from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council:
    • LMF: L-functions and modular forms, EPSRC reference EP/K034383/1 (2013-2019)
We have also received support in the form of workshops hosted at various institutions:


Our website is run on free open source software. We use Sage for computations on the fly. Some important components used are The non-mathematical software used includes Some of the data on this website was computed using other programs, including


  • William Stein's NSF-funded cluster at University of Washington (database and web server)
  • GitHub (source code)