A Database

The LMFDB is an extensive database of mathematical objects arising in Number Theory.

Sample lists: L-functions, Elliptic curves, Maass forms, Tables of zeros, Number fields

Hall of Fame

Search and Browse

Search for objects with specific properties, or browse categories.

Browse: L-functions, Modular forms, Elliptic curves, Number fields

Visualize Data

Explore individual plots or view distributions of various objects.

Examples: \(\GL(4)\) Level one Maass forms, Isogeny graph of elliptic curve 102.c

Explore and Learn

The LMFDB makes visible the connections predicted by the Langlands program. Knowls offer background information when you need it.

LMFDB universe

Code and Open Software

Download the data, download the code, or see how the data were generated.

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