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Dirichlet characters are computed using Jonathan Bober's code available on github. An independent implementation of the Conrey numbering is available in Pari/GP.

Labels for Dirichlet characters and their Galois orbits are computed using the Magma code of the paper Computing Classical Modular Forms [arXiv:2002.04717] by Alex J. Best, Jonathan Bober, Andrew R. Booker, Edgar Costa, John Cremona, Maarten Derickx, David Lowry-Duda, Min Lee, David Roe, Andrew V. Sutherland, and John Voight.

Additional acknowledgments

Data computed by Alex Best, Jonathan Bober, David Lowry-Duda, and Andrew Sutherland.

The organization of Dirichlet characters into Galois orbits was implemented by Barinder Banwait.