Holly Swisher has contributed to these Knowls: , , A tour of the Riemann zeta function, Associative binary operation, Bianchi modular forms, Character of a modular form, Class number of a number field, Classical modular form, Commutative binary operation, Complex embedding, Congruence subgroup of a Bianchi group, Cuspidal modular form, Defining Polynomial of a Number Field, Definition of ring, Degree 1 L-functions, all, Degree 2 L-functions, examples, Degree 3 L-functions, examples, Degree 4 L-functions, examples, Degree of a number field, Degree of an L-function, Dirichlet L-function, Discriminant of a number field, Euler gamma function, Field, Fractional ideal, Functional equation of an L-function, Fundamental units of a number field, Galois group, Galois orbit, Gamma factors, Generator of a number field, Growth condition for a modular form, Hecke character, Hecke orbit for Hilbert modular form, Hilbert modular form, Hilbert modular form convention for the label of a number field ideal, Ideal class group of a number field, Identity for a binary operation, Integral basis of a number field, Introduction, Introduction/Features, Inverse for a binary operation, Kloosterman sum, L-function, Laplace-Beltrami operator (hyperbolic), Laplacian in 3d hyperbolic upper half-space, Level of a Bianchi modular form, Level of a Hilbert modular form, Level of a modular form, Maass form on GL2(R) with trivial character, Maass forms on GL(n), Maass forms on PSL(2,Z[i]), Minimal Weierstrass equation over $\mathbb Q$, Minimal modular form, Modular form (general), Newform, Number field, Number field invariants, Number field label, Primitive L-function, Ramified (rational) prime of a number field, Rank of a number field, Real embedding, Regulator of a number field, Roadmap for L-functions, Sage Mathematical Software System, Sage cell knowl, Selberg class axioms, Selberg data for the functional equation of an L-function, Siegel modular form, Sign of an L-function, Signature of a number field, Special value of an elliptic curve L-function, The spectral parameter of a Maass waveform, Transformation property for modular forms, Underlying object of an L-function, Unit group of a number field, Unramified (rational) prime of a number field, Values of a Dirichlet character on generators, Weight of a Bianchi modular form, Weight of an elliptic modular form, q-expansion of a Hilbert modular form, q-expansion of a modular form