Edgar Costa has contributed to these Knowls: , $\GL_2$-type, About varieties, Acknowledgments for L-functions, Atkin-Lehner involution $w_Q$, Belyi map label, Completeness of L-function Data, Complex embedding label, Degree of a Belyi map, Embedding Format, Galois module information, Galois orbit label, Gamma factors, Geometry type of a Belyi map, Honda-Tate theorem, How to cite the LMFDB, Introduction, Knowl Edit Guidelines, Label of L-function, Label of a classical modular form, LuCaNT Conference, Manin constant for elliptic curves over $\Q$, Precision of classical modular form eigenvalues, Projective space, Reliability of the Classical Modular Form Data, Satake parameters, Simplified equation, Source of Classical Modular Forms Data, Source of Genus 2 Curve Data, Too many zeros, Trace form, test, weight