Brian Conrey has contributed to these Knowls: A history of L-functions, Artin L-functions, Conductor of a Dirichlet character, Degree of an L-function, Dirichlet character, Dirichlet's work on L-functions, Euler product of an L-function, Euler's work on the zeta function, Functional equation of an L-function, Generalized Riemann hypothesis, Hasse-Weil L-function, Hecke L-functions, L-function spectral parameters , L-functions of Maass forms, Ramanujan tau L-function, Ranking-Selberg convolution, history, Riemann zeta-function, Riemann's memoir, Selberg class axioms, Selberg class of L-functions, Selberg data for the functional equation of an L-function, Siegel modular forms, history, Sign of the functional equation, Signature of an L-function, Tate's thesis, Underlying object of an L-function, Values of a Dirichlet character, Z-function of an L-function, Zeros of an L-function