Eran Assaf has contributed to these Knowls: $X_0(\mathfrak{N})_{\mathfrak{b}}$, $X_0^1(\mathfrak{N})_{\mathfrak{b}}$, Acknowledgements for Siegel modular forms, Automorphic type, Cartan subgroup, Coefficient field for Siegel newforms, Coefficient ring, Completeness of Siegel modular form data, Defining polynomial, Dimension, Family of Siegel groups, Modular curve $X_{\text{ns}}^{+}(N)$, Newform subspace, Reliability of Siegel modular form data, Self twist of a modular form, Siegel newform, Source of Siegel modular form data, Space of paramodular newforms, Standard Hilbert modular surfaces, Standard modular curves, Weight, Weight of a Siegel modular form, polarization module