Andreea Mocanu has contributed to these Knowls: $K$-Bessel functions, A brief history of $\textrm{GL}(2)$ modular forms, Algebraic varieties, Atkin-Lehner involution $w_Q$, Base change, Bernoulli numbers, Classical modular form, Coefficient field for newforms, Combinatorics and $q$-series, Complex multiplication, Containing permutation representation, Cuspidal modular form, Cusps of a subgroup of the modular group, Dedekind eta function, Discriminant exponent of a local field, Divisor function, Elliptic curve invariants, Elliptic functions, Endomorphism ring of an elliptic curve, Endomorphism ring of an elliptic curve, Eta quotient, Euler's work on the zeta function, Fields, Fourier coefficients of a modular form, Fourier expansion of Maass form, Fourier expansion of a Maass form on PSL(2,Z[i]), Fricke involution, Fuchsian group, Fundamental domain, Fundamental domain of $\SL(2,\Z)$, Genus of a subgroup of the modular group, Groups, Half-integral weight modular forms, Hecke Characters, Hecke L-functions, Hecke character, Hecke operator, Holomorphic Eisenstein series of level 1, Index of a subgroup, Infinite products, Level of a modular form, Maass form on GL2(R) with trivial character, Maass lift from Jacobi form to Siegel modular form, Modular form (general), Modular group $\mathrm {SL}(2,\mathbb Z)$, Multiplier system, Name of a lattice, New modular forms from given ones, Newform, Petersson scalar product, Poincaré series, Poincaré series, Projective special linear group $\text{PSL}_2(\mathbb{R})$, Quasi-modular form, Ramanujan tau L-function, Remainder terms, Representation, Saito-Kurokawa lift, Siegel Eisenstein series, Siegel modular form, Subgroup $\Gamma(N)$ of $\textrm{SL}(2,\mathbb{Z})$, Symplectic group, Taxonomy of L-functions, The number of coefficients, Theta constant, Theta function, Theta functions, Theta series for an integral lattice, Transformation property for modular forms, Underlying object of an L-function, Upper half-plane, Weight $k$ slash-action, Weil height, Width of a cusp