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Let $\ell$ be a prime and let $E$ be an elliptic curve over $\Q$ that does not have potential complex multiplication.

Subgroups $G$ of $\GL(2,\Z_\ell)$ that can arise as the $\ell$-adic image $H$ of the $\ell$-adic Galois representation \[ \rho_{E,\ell}\colon {\Gal}(\overline{\Q}/\Q)\to \GL(2,\Z_\ell) \] attached to $E$ are identified using the labels introduced by Rouse, Sutherland, and Zureick-Brown in [arXiv:/2106.11141 ]. These labels have the form \[ \mathbf{N.i.g.n}, \] where N is is the level of $H$, i is the index of $H$, g is the genus of $H$, and n is an ordinal that distinguishes groups of the same level, index, and genus (see Section 2 of [arXiv:2106.11141 ] for details on the ordering that is used to define n)

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