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The following macros are available for use in knowls and should be used whenever possible.

Symbol : Meaning

\C : complex numbers

\R : reals

\Q : rationals

\Z : integers

\F : field (as in \F_p for the field with p elements)

\HH : upper half-plane

The following symbols for classical groups are also available:

\SL, \GL, \PSL, \PGL, \Sp, \GSp

And these symbols for operators:

\Gal, \Aut, \sym, \End, \Reg, \Res, \Ord, \sgn, \trace

Macros relevant to number fields:

\ideal{p} : the prime ideal \frak p

\classgroup{K} : the class group Cl(K)

\integers : the ring of integers \mathcal O (not the rational integers \Z)

\modstar{A}{B} : gives (A/B)^\times

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