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The label complex embedded holomorphic cusp form \( f\) is \( N.k.a.x.c.j \) (sometimes shortened as \( a.j\) ), where

  • \( N\) is the level,

  • \(k\) is the weight,

  • \(N.a\) is the label of the Galois orbit of the Dirichlet character,

  • \(x\) is the Hecke Galois orbit label,

  • \(N.c\) is the Conrey label for the character corresponding to the embedding, and

  • \(j\) is the index for the embedding within those with the same Dirichlet character, these are ordered by the vector $\iota(a_n)$, where we order the complex numbers first by their real part and then by their imaginary part.

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