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mf.gl2.history.varieties Algebraic varieties Available samples for $M_2(K(p))$
mf.bianchi.base_change Base-change Bianchi modular forms
mf.bianchi.bianchigroup Bianchi Groups
mf.bianchi.bianchimodularforms Bianchi modular forms
mf.bianchi.newform Bianchi newform
mf.maass.mwf.character Character of a Maass form CM Bianchi newforms
mf.gl2.history.combinatorics Combinatorics and $q$-series
mf.bianchi.bianchicongruencesubgroup Congruence subgroup of a Bianchi group
mf.half_integral_weight.dedekind_eta Dedekind eta function
mf.hilbert.dimension Dimension of a Hecke orbit
mf.siegel.lift.ikeda Duke-Imamoglu-Ikeda lift
mf.gl2.history.elliptic Elliptic functions
mf.11.2.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.11.2.1.a
mf.12.3.5.a.formulas Eta product for mf.12.3.5.a
mf.14.2.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.14.2.1.a
mf.15.2.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.15.2.1.a
mf.16.3.15.a.formulas Eta product for mf.16.3.15.a
mf.2.8.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.2.8.1.a
mf.20.2.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.20.2.1.a
mf.24.2.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.24.2.1.a
mf.27.2.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.27.2.1.a
mf.3.6.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.3.6.1.a
mf.32.2.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.32.2.1.a
mf.36.2.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.36.2.1.a
mf.4.5.3.a.formulas Eta product for mf.4.5.3.a
mf.4.6.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.4.6.1.a
mf.5.4.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.5.4.1.a
mf.6.4.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.6.4.1.a
mf.7.3.6.a.formulas Eta product for mf.7.3.6.a
mf.8.3.3.a.formulas Eta product for mf.8.3.3.a
mf.8.4.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.8.4.1.a
mf.9.4.1.a.formulas Eta product for mf.9.4.1.a
mf.144.2.1.a.formulas Eta quotient for mf.144.2.1.a
mf.48.2.1.a.formulas Eta quotient for mf.48.2.1.a
mf.64.2.1.a.formulas Eta quotient for mf.64.2.1.a
mf.80.2.1.b.formulas Eta quotient for mf.80.2.1.b
mf.half_integral_weight.eta_quotients Eta quotients
mf.1.12.1.a.formulas Formula for mf.1.12.1a
mf.maass.picard.fourierexpansion Fourier expansion of a Maass form on PSL(2,Z[i])
mf.maass.mwf.fourierexpansion Fourier expansion of Maass form
mf.siegel.galois_orbit Galois orbit
mf.siegel.lift.gritsenko Gritsenko lift
mf.half_integral_weight Half-integral weight modular forms
mf.bianchi.hecke_algebra Hecke algebra
mf.gl2.history.hecke Hecke Characters
mf.hilbert.eigenvalue Hecke eigenvalues
mf.hilbert.hecke_orbit Hecke orbit for Hilbert modular form
mf.bianchi.hyperbolic3space Hyperbolic 3-space
mf.gl2.history.infinite Infinite products
mf.jacobi Jacobi forms
mf.hilbert.level_norm Level of a Hilbert modular form
mf.siegel.lift Lift Siegel modular form
mf.maass.mwf.plot Maass form plot
mf.maass.mwf.weight0 Maass forms of weight 0
mf.maass.picard Maass forms on PSL(2,Z[i])
mf.siegel.lift.miyawaki Miyawaki lift
mf.siegel.lift.miyawaki2 Miyawaki lift of type II
mf.about Modular Forms
mf.maass.mwf.dimension Multiplicity of an eigenvalue
mf.multipliersystem Multiplier system
mf.siegel.newform.paramodular Paramodular newform
mf.gl2.history.poincare Poincaré series
mf.hilbert.q_expansion q-expansion of a Hilbert modular form
mf.quasi_modular Quasi-modular form
mf.gl2.history.remainder Remainder terms
mf.maass.roadmap Roadmap for Maass forms
mf.siegel.lift.saito_kurokawa Saito-Kurokawa lift
mf.ellitpic.self_twist Self twist of a modular form
mf.half_integral_weight.shimura_decomposition Shimura decomposition
mf.siegel.phi Siegel $\Phi$ operator
mf.siegel.cusp_form Siegel cusp form
mf.siegel.eisenstein_series Siegel Eisenstein series
mf.siegel.klingen_eisenstein_series Siegel Klingen-Eisenstein series
mf.siegel.hecke_operator Siegel modular form Hecke operators
mf.siegel.halfspace Siegel upper half space
mf.bianchi.sign Sign of a Bianchi newform
mf.maass.mwf.eigenvalue The eigenvalue of a Maass form
mf.maass.mwf.level The level of a Maass form
mf.maass.mwf.ncoefficients The number of coefficients
mf.maass.mwf.precision The precision of an eigenvalue
mf.maass.mwf.spectralparameter The spectral parameter of a Maass waveform
mf.maass.mwf.symmetry The symmetry of a Maass form
mf.maass.mwf.weight The weight of a Maass form
mf.siegel.theta_constant Theta constant
mf.half_integral_weight.theta Theta function
mf.gl2.history.theta Theta functions
mf.transformation_property Transformation property for modular forms
mf.upper_half_plane Upper half-plane
mf.siegel.vector_valued Vector-valued Siegel modular forms
mf.slash_action Weight $k$ slash-action
mf.hilbert.weight_vector Weight of a Hilbert modular form