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More Recently modified knowls
group.a_group A-group
group.abelian Abelian group
group.galois.absolute Absolute Galois group Abstract group name
group.almost_simple Almost simple group
group.alternating Alternating group
group.automorphism Automorphisms of a group
C Center of a group
group.central Central subgroup
group.centralizer Centralizer of a subgroup
group.subgroup.centralizer Centralizer of a subgroup
group.representation.character Character of a group representation
group.characteristic_subgroup Characteristic subgroup
group.chief_series Chief series of a group
group.commutator_subgroup Commutator subgroup of a group
group.complex_character_table Complex character table of a finite group
group.conjugacy_class Conjugacy class
group.core Core of a subgroup
group.coset Coset of a subgroup
group.cyclic Cyclic group
D Data on small group
group.derived_series Derived series of a group
group.dicyclic Dicyclic group
group.dihedral Dihedral group
group.direct_product Direct product of groups
group.exponent Exponent of a group
group.fitting_subgroup Fitting subgroup of a group
group.frattini_subgroup Frattini subgroup of a group
group.fuchsian Fuchsian group
group.fuchsian.fundamental_domain Fundamental domain
group.sl2z.fundamental_domain Fundamental domain of $\SL(2,\Z)$
group.generalized_quaternion Generalized quaternion
group.generators Generators of a group
group.permutation_gens Generators of permutation group
group.sl2z.genus_subgroup Genus of a subgroup of the modular group
group.homomorphism Group homomorphism
group.isomorphism Group isomorphism
group.about Groups
group.subgroup.hall Hall subgroup
group.subgroup.index Index of a subgroup
group.inner_automorphism Inner automorphism of a group
group.label_conjugacy_class Label of a conjugacy class
group.label Label of a group
group.label_complex_group_char Label of irreducible complex characters of groups
group.label_rational_group_char Label of rational character of a group
group.lower_central_series Lower central series of a group
group.maximal_quotient Maximal quotient of a group
group.maximal_subgroup Maximal subgroup of a group
group.metabelian Metabelian group
group.metacyclic Metacyclic group
group.monomial Monomial group
group.nilpotent Nilpotent group
group.nonsplit_product Non-split extension of groups
group.subgroup.normal_closure Normal closure of a subgroup
group.normal_series Normal series of a group
group.subgroup.normal Normal subgroup of a group
group.subgroup.normalizer Normalizer of a subgroup
group.order Order of a group
group.element_order Order of a group element
group.outer_aut Outer automorphism group
group.paramodular Paramodular group
group.perfect Perfect groups
group.presentation Presentation of a finite group
group.quasisimple Quasisimple group
group.quotient Quotient group
group.radical Radical of a group
group.rational_character_table Rational character table of a group
group.rational_group Rational group
group.semidirect_product Semidirect product of groups
group.simple Simple groups
group.socle Socle of a group
group.solvable Solvable group
group.sp2gr.ppal.congruence Subgroup $\Gamma(N)$ of $\Sp(2g,\Z)$
group.subgroup.diagram Subgroup diagram
group.subgroup.diagram.lmfdb Subgroup diagrams in the LMFDB
group.subgroup Subgroup of a group
group.supersolvable Supersolvable group
group.sylow_subgroup Sylow subgroup
group.symmetric Symmetric group
group.sp2gr Symplectic group
group.torsion Torsion group
group.representation.type Type of a complex group representation
group.type Type of groups
group.upper_central_series Upper central series of a group
group.fuchsian.cusps.width Width of a cusp
group.wreath_product Wreath product
group.z_group Z-group