In the LMFDB, we aim for every object to have its own homepage. Note the following features:

Knowls: Interspersed throughout the LMFDB are underlined words. These words represent knowls, which are bits of context free information. A knowl is identified by a word or phrase underlined with a dotted line. Clicking on a knowl brings up a box of text containing information about the object. Clicking on the knowl a second time will retract the box of text.


Properties: On the upper right hand side of a homepage for an object there is often a box containing specific properties of the object. This box can be closed and opened by clicking on the vertical arrow.

Related Objects: Often below the properties box in the upper right hand side of a homepage for an object is a box containing links to the homepages of directly related objects.

Zeros of L-functions Search: For each L-function in the database we have identified the lowest zero above the real axis. It is believed that the value of this zero uniquely identifies an L-function. This gives an interesting and useful way of identifying an L-function.

Downloading: You may download available data, for example moment polynomials of the zeta function. Some data is available to download within a page, while other data may be obtained through a link in the navigation bar.

Feedback: If you encounter any issues or problems while using the LMFDB, please click on Feedback in the upper right hand corner of the header to file a report.