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The L-function $L(s,A)= \sum a_n n^{-s}$ of an abelian surface of conductor $N$ has an Euler product of the form \[ L(s,E)=\prod_p\prod_{j=1}^4\left(1-\alpha_{j,p} p^{-s}\right)^{-1} \] and satisfies the functional equation \[ \Lambda(s,A)= N^{s/2}\Gamma_{\mathbb C}(s+1/2)^2\cdot L(s,A)= \varepsilon\Lambda(1-s,A), \] where the sign \(\varepsilon\) is equal to either \(+1\) or \(-1\).

Examples of L-functions attached to isogeny classes of Jacobians of genus 2 curves
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353.a 360.a 363.a 388.a 389.a 394.a 400.a 427.a 448.a 450.a
461.a 464.a 472.a 476.a 484.a 504.a 523.a 529.a 555.a 574.a
576.a 576.b 578.a 587.a 588.a 597.a 600.a 600.b 603.a 604.a
630.a 640.a 644.a 644.b 672.a 676.a 676.b 686.a 688.a 691.a
704.a 708.a 709.a 713.a 713.b 720.a 720.b 726.a 731.a 741.a
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847.b 847.c 847.d 856.a 862.a 862.b 864.a 880.a 882.a 886.a
893.a 909.a 925.a 930.a 932.a 936.a 953.a 960.a 961.a 966.a
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