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Label Name Order Parity Solvable Subfields Low Degree Siblings
27T993 $\PSp(4,3)$ $25920$ $1$ 36T12781, 40T14344, 40T14345, 45T666
36T12781 $\PSp(4,3)$ $25920$ $1$ 27T993, 40T14344, 40T14345, 45T666
40T14344 $\PSp(4,3)$ $25920$ $1$ 27T993, 36T12781, 40T14345, 45T666
40T14345 $\PSp(4,3)$ $25920$ $1$ 27T993, 36T12781, 40T14344, 45T666
45T666 $\PSp(4,3)$ $25920$ $1$ 27T993, 36T12781, 40T14344, 40T14345
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Results are complete for degrees $\leq 23$.