Label 87120.fw
Number of curves $1$
Conductor $87120$
CM no
Rank $1$

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sage: E = EllipticCurve("fw1")
sage: E.isogeny_class()

Elliptic curves in class 87120.fw

sage: E.isogeny_class().curves
LMFDB label Cremona label Weierstrass coefficients j-invariant Discriminant Torsion structure Modular degree Faltings height Optimality
87120.fw1 87120gd1 \([0, 0, 0, -714747, -92618966]\) \(63088729/30720\) \(19663017643742330880\) \([]\) \(2230272\) \(2.3955\) \(\Gamma_0(N)\)-optimal


sage: E.rank()

The elliptic curve 87120.fw1 has rank \(1\).

Complex multiplication

The elliptic curves in class 87120.fw do not have complex multiplication.

Modular form 87120.2.a.fw

sage: E.q_eigenform(10)
\(q + q^{5} + 3q^{7} - q^{13} - 7q^{17} - 5q^{19} + O(q^{20})\)  Toggle raw display