Modulus 4
Structure \(C_{2}\)
Order 2

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sage: from dirichlet_conrey import DirichletGroup_conrey # requires nonstandard Sage package to be installed
sage: H = DirichletGroup_conrey(4)
pari: g = idealstar(,4,2)

Character group

sage: G.order()
Order = 2
sage: H.invariants()
pari: g.cyc
Structure = \(C_{2}\)
sage: H.gens()
pari: g.gen
Generators = $\chi_{4}(3,\cdot)$


Each row describes a character. When available, the columns show the orbit label, order of the character, whether the character is primitive, and several values of the character.

orbit label order primitive -1 1
\(\chi_{4}(1,\cdot)\) 4.a 1 no \(1\) \(1\)
\(\chi_{4}(3,\cdot)\) 4.b 2 yes \(-1\) \(1\)