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More Recently modified knowls
rcs.cande.lfunction Completeness of L-function Data
rcs.rigor.lfunction.curve Reliability of Curve L-function Data
rcs.rigor.character.dirichlet Reliability of Dirichlet Character Data
rcs.rigor.lfunction.dirichlet Reliability of Dirichlet L-function Data
rcs.rigor.lfunction.maass Reliability of Maass form L-function data
rcs.rigor.lfunction.modular Reliability of Modular L-function Data
rcs.groups.abstract.source Source of abstract group data
rcs.source.character.dirichlet Source of Dirichlet character computations
rcs.source.lfunction.dirichlet Source of Dirichlet L-function Data
rcs.source.lfunction.curve Source of L-function Data
rcs.source.maass Source of Maass forms data
rcs.source.lfunction.maass Source of Maass L-function Data
rcs.source.lfunction.modular Source of Modular L-function Data
rcs.source.zeros.zeta Source of Riemann Zeta Zeros Data
rcs.source.st_group Source of Sato-Tate Group Data