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The database currently contains information on $S_k(\Gamma_0(N))$ for $(k,N)$ in the ranges $[2,12]\times [1,100]$ and $[2,40]\times [1,25]$, and on $S_k(\Gamma_1(N))$ in the ranges $[2,10]\times [1,50]$ and $[2,20]\times [1,16]$. More data is being added continually.

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The table below gives the dimensions of the space of holomorphic newforms of integral weight for \(\Gamma_0(N)\) , with trivial character.
Weight Level \(N\)
2 0
4 0
6 0
8 0
10 0
12 1
The dimension is clickable whenever the Hecke orbits are stored for that space.

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