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As described in [MR:3540958, arXiv:1602.03715] , the database of genus 2 curves over $\Q$ was constructed by searching over integral hyperelliptic equations of the form \[ y^2+(h_3x^3+h_2x^2+h_1x+h_0)y=f_6x^6+f_5x^5+f_4x^4+f_3x^3+f_2x^2+f_1x+f_0, \] with absolute discriminant $|\Delta|\le 10^6$, where $h_i\in \{0,1\}$, and $(f_0,\ldots,f_6)$ lies in a certain union of polytopes in $\Z^7$. It includes, all integral models of this form with $|f_i|\le 90$. Note that a single curve may have several isomorphic minimal equations that fall within these bounds, only one of which is stored in the database.